Hillel Happenings

Hillel’s Game Show Night!

Jakob Oltman and Evan Grollman, Hillel’s very own Treasurer and Senator, became game show hosts for the night! They took the stage and led everyone in a fun-filled night of virtual Match Game! Each contestant had the opportunity to participate and compete against fellow members. A special shoutout and congratulations to our 1st and 2nd …

S-Themed Game Night!

Our S-Themed Game Night was a huge hit, and it was great to see some new faces! We started out the night with a Show & Tell. Each member shared a sentimental/valued item of theirs with us! Next, all participants competed in a virtual Scavenger Hunt! Hosts Jakob and Kaela called out specific items and …

Welcome Back Event!

It was great to reunite with our Hillel family after Winter Break. We had some old and new faces at our Welcome Back Event! First, we all went around and introduced ourselves. Then, we had some great laughs while playing our new favorite, “Game of Things.” To end the night off, we played some fun …


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