Hillel begins semester with Virtual Get to Know You event!

Last night Rowan Hillel celebrated Shabbat with a virtual Getting to Know You. The event, hosted by Treasurer Greggory Nekrasovas, welcomed back current members, as well as Hillel alumni. We were also delighted to welcome several new new members to the Hillel family. Members participated in a hand crafted Kahoot that introduced them to the Hillel E-Board and fellow members. President Rachel Levy also let the members know things to expect in the fun fall semester ahead!

Fall 2020 is Coming

Rowan Hillel is currently working with the University to learn the parameters for the events that we can have this semester. Please check with us here and on our social media regularly for updates!

Hope to see you all soon with masks on!!!

Hillel’s Kitchen Featured in the Whit

Hillel’s Kitchen, our annual cooking competition was recently featured in the Whit, the official school newspaper of Rowan University.

Photo courtesy of The Whit

“As a college student, spending money wisely is an important lesson that never stops being taught. Making sure you eat meals throughout the day can become costly, and you may have to preserve leftovers instead of just throwing them away. What a better opportunity to learn how to cook new meals with these leftovers than what Hillel offered at the Interfaith Center in Evergreen Hall.”

To read the entire article by Christine Harkinson click here.

Thanks for a great article Christine!

Hillel Wraps up Fall 2018 with Chanukah Celebration

Hillel wraped up an amazing Fall 2018 semester with a Chanukah Shabbat complete with Latkas and gifts!

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Hillel Holds Elections for 2019 Executive Board

At our recent Israeli Shabbat, Hillel members voted for our 2019-20 Executive Board. Our new board is:
Izzy Wellman – President
Matthew Lever – co-Vice President
Alex Rossen – co-Vice President
Max Lewin – Treasurer
Greggory Nekrasovas – Senator
Rachel Levy – Secretary

Our new board will officially take office after a transition period in the Spring semester.

Hillel Hosts Israeli Shabbat

On Friday, November 30th Hillel held our annual Israeli Shabbat.   In addition to playing an Israeli version on Headbandz, our Hillel Chefs made classic Israeli food Falafel with Pita and all the classic fillings (Hummus!!), classic Cheese and Potato Bourekas, and of course Rugelach for dessert!

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Hillel Host Game Night!

Hillel hosted game night last Friday.   While eating hoagies and popcorn, Hillel members played “YeahNope” which allowed the members to really get to know each other.

Hillel Organizes Candle Light Vigil to Remember Victims of Pittsburgh

On October 29th, Hillel, in conjunction with Rowan Chabad and the Rowan Center for Holocaust and Genocide center held a candlelight vigil to remember the victims of the horrific incident in Pittsburgh.  Approximately 200 people attended the event.  Several students and staff spoke about their experiences with Anti-Semetism.  Kaddish and the victims names were also read.

Prior to the vigil a group discussion was held for those who wanted to speak.

In Response to Pittsburgh

Dear Rowan Hillel family,

In light of the recent event in Pittsburgh Hillel will be hosting an open discussion tomorrow from 5:00-6:00pm in Memorial Hall room 169 to talk about the tragedy. This open discussion is a safe place for everyone to talk about the tragedy. Following the open discussion Hillel invites you to attend a candle lighting vigil co-hosted by Chabad and AEPi. The vigil will be from 6:15-6:45pm on the Student Center Patio.

Whether you were directly or indirectly affected by this tragedy Rowan Hillel is here for you. If you would like someone to talk to about this tragedy please email us and one of our eboard members will call you.

Rowan Hillel

Hillel Holds Second Annual Mental Health Shabbat

Last night Rowan Hillel held our second annual Mental Health night.  Several speakers from the Rowan University Counselling Center and Jewish Children and Family Services discussed resources available to students to assist with issues of Mental Health.  A speaker from Beautiful Minds, a student Mental Health advocacy club, talked about their organization and events being held on campus to help end the stigma of mental illness, a cause shared by all of us at Rowan Hillel.

The featured speakers of the evening were Hillel President Ally Wasdick and Vice President Izzy Wellman who both talked about their struggles with mental illness.

“Having an event centered around mental health is necessary because mental illnesses affect so many people, including myself. I know first hand how difficult it can be to ask for help or know where to get help, so we at Rowan University Hillel made sure to provide a safe space to engage in a dialogue about mental health as well as access to mental health resources. From our second annual Mental Health Awarenss Night, I hope that students remember three important things: You are not alone. You are strong. And you are worth everything.”  – Ally Wasdick, Hillel President


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