Mental Health Check-In

Our mental health check-in was much needed during this long semester of virtual learning! It was great to take a break from schoolwork to connect with our Jewish community. We all took turns sharing how we are doing, our highs and lows, and any tips we’ve found helpful for ourselves. Everyone took away something valuable, and we are ready to finish the semester off STRONG!

Broadway & Jeopardy Night!

We kicked the night off with sharing some of the incredible works of students from Rowan’s very own theater department! After, we divided all attendees up into two teams to compete in a Broadway-themed game of Jeopardy! Categories consisted of Broadway, Jewish Holidays, Rowan, Movies/TV Shows, and Pop Culture. Hosts Evan and Jakob had a great time leading this game show and hearing from their contestants! Stay tuned on info to come on our next event taking place on April 13th!

TV Trivia Night!

Our TV Trivia Night was a huge success! We got to see how knowledgeable our members are when it comes to TV! Congrats to our three winners, who will receive some FREE Rowan Hillel swag! We can’t wait to see everyone at our Broadway Shabbat event on March 31st!

Hillel’s Game Show Night!

Jakob Oltman and Evan Grollman, Hillel’s very own Treasurer and Senator, became game show hosts for the night! They took the stage and led everyone in a fun-filled night of virtual Match Game! Each contestant had the opportunity to participate and compete against fellow members. A special shoutout and congratulations to our 1st and 2nd place winners of the night — Jake Helfant and Madison Rappaport! We can’t wait for you to claim your long-sleeve Hillel t-shirts!

Our contestants having a great time participating in Hillel’s very own version of Match Game!
Awesome flyer designed by our Social Media Chair, Josh Cohen!

S-Themed Game Night!

Our S-Themed Game Night was a huge hit, and it was great to see some new faces! We started out the night with a Show & Tell. Each member shared a sentimental/valued item of theirs with us! Next, all participants competed in a virtual Scavenger Hunt! Hosts Jakob and Kaela called out specific items and members had to find these items and be the first to bring them back in order to receive a point for the round! To end the night, we played various rounds of one of our favorite games of all times, Scattergories! Congratulations to our 4 winners of the night – Aaron, Jake, Evan, and Kye! Enjoy your well-deserved Barnes & Noble gift cards! We look forward to seeing everyone again in two weeks as contestants on our Game Show!

A glimpse of our participants enjoying a fun-filled night!

Welcome Back Event!

It was great to reunite with our Hillel family after Winter Break. We had some old and new faces at our Welcome Back Event! First, we all went around and introduced ourselves. Then, we had some great laughs while playing our new favorite, “Game of Things.” To end the night off, we played some fun Brain Teaser and Pop Culture Kahoots! It was an awesome night, and we can’t wait to see everyone again for our next event!

Hillel President Featured in the Rowan Student Affairs Blog

Hillel President, Alexandra Herschman, was recently featured in an article on the Rowan University Student Affairs blog entitled “Thriving In My Faith As A College Student”

“I began going to Hillel as a freshman and loved it ever since attending my first event, which made me eager to join Hillel’s executive board. I started off as the organization’s social media chair, then served as the vice president and now president.” She says that Hillel gave her a sense of belonging at Rowan. “Hillel gave me that Jewish community and sense of belonging on campus.”

Click here to read the entire post.

First Ever Hillel Comedy Night!

Hillel ended the Fall semster on a high note by hosting our first virtual comedy show featuring New York comedian and writer, Noah Gardenswartz. The event was a huge hit as over 45 Hillel members and supporters joined us for a night was full of great laughs! After his incredible stand up comedy act, Noah held a Q&A session for the audience, in which students got to ask questions and further engage with him. This was an awesome way to end Fall semester and we look forward to hosting more comedy shows in upcoming semesters! For more information about Noah, please visit his website at

Rowan Hosts 4th Annual Rowan United

Friday night, Rowan Hillel hosted our 4th annual Rowan United event. The event, co-sponsored by the Rowan Muslim Student Association, is an Interfaith event fostering open and honest dialogue between students of all beliefs, focusing on our similarities. We began the event with an icebreaker to get to know one another and then played a few rounds of the “Game of Things” before kicking off the discussion. The discussion was a huge hit! Some topics we talked about included the current climate of Rowan & the United States, whether we believe people are becoming more divided or unified, how we can promote more unity in the world, and how COVID-19 has impacted our personal lives and the world as a whole. We hope to see everyone at our last event of the semester on Dec. 4th — the virtual comedy show!

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