*Election Policy is exact replica of elections clause in the Rowan Hillel Constitution as of 10/22/17

1. Fall Semester General Election

Elections for the Rowan Hillel Executive Board will take place at the end of every fall semester. Students interested in running for an elected position must email the advisor(s) a letter of intent regarding which position(s) they are running for by the start of Thanksgiving break.

All election candidates must type and recite a 2-5 minute speech on Election Day regarding their qualification(s), their interest, and intent as well as their desired position. Voting for elected positions will take place following the speeches. Election Day will take place in December before Finals Week.

Elected Positions Include:


Vice President of Operations

Vice President of Special Events




Individuals running for the position of President must have previously served on the Rowan Hillel Executive Board for a minimum of one full term.

Individuals may run for multiple elected positions. They must include in their speech distinct reasons for their interest in each position as well as their qualifications for each position. Should an individual win multiple elected positions, they must choose one unless the two positions in question are Vice President of Special Events and Vice President of Operations. If both Vice President positions are won by the same candidate, that individual shall hold the title of “Vice President”. If a candidate wins multiple positions and was running unopposed for one position but not the other, they will win the unopposed election only. Should both positions be unopposed the individual will hold both positions until a special election is possible.

If there is a tie in voting, the tie will be broken by the advisor(s).

Selected positions will be appointed by the President and confirmed by the advisor(s) after Election Day. Letters of intent for a selected position must be submitted to the advisor(s) by the beginning of Thanksgiving break. Should the advisor(s) deem it necessary, interviews may be conducted for selected positions.

Priority will be given to any candidate who did not win an elected position. Additional selected positions may be added to accommodate the number of people applying for selected positions.

Selected Positions Include:

Public Relations and Advertising Chair

Fundraising Chair

Religious Chair

Philanthropy Chair

Social Media Chair

Freshman Representative(s)

Sophomore Representative(s)

Any other non-university mandated position deemed necessary

AEPI Liaison will be chosen through AEPI elections. This individual will hold the Israel Engagement position within AEPI. Any other Jewish Greek Life organization that would like to have a member sit on our board may make a similar arrangement with the current President.

TERM OF OFFICE: All newly elected or selected officers in the fall general election will hold the position of Officer Elect until Spring Break of the following semester. Following Spring Break, incoming officers no longer be Officer Elect and will adopt full officer duties. This transition is built in to provide incoming officers with training so that they know all of their responsibilities and do not feel overwhelmed when they assume full office. Officer Elects may transition into full officer positions earlier than spring break under special circumstances. These circumstances include:


  • Outgoing officer will be graduating mid-year
  • Outgoing officer will be going on study abroad in the spring semester
  • Outgoing officer is transferring out of Rowan University
  • Officer Elect feels confident in his/her ability to fully take on their new role and has completed training with outgoing officer
  • Outgoing officer resigns
  • Outgoing officer is taking a semester off for medical leave or other reasons
  • Outgoing officer is no longer able to fulfill his/her responsibilities for a variety of reasons
  • Any other approved reason by the advisor(s)

2. Special Elections

Should a vacancy occur in an elected position, responsibilities of that position will be absorbed by the rest of the executive board until a special election takes place. Those interested in running for the position will have two weeks to submit a letter of intent to the advisor(s). On the third week of vacancy, speeches will be incorporated into the weekly executive board meeting and voting will occur after speeches. The General club will be notified of a special election and invited specifically to that executive board meeting to hear the speeches and vote.

3. Special Circumstances Selected Positions

Rowan Hillel is committed to welcoming everyone to the executive board who wants to be involved. Should a student transfer to Rowan mid-year or express interest in the executive board mid-year, the President may appoint them to a selected position. This appointment will be confirmed by the current Vice President of Operations and Vice President of Special Events. The position of Freshman Representative may be appointed over the summer or in the fall semester to an incoming Freshman by the current President. This appointment will be confirmed by the Vice President of Operations and the Vice President of Special Events.

4. Notification of Position

All new officers will be officially notified of their new positions by the end of finals week.

5. Election Amendment Policy

Amendments may be made to the election portion of the constitution by outgoing seniors, the advisor(s), or a simple majority vote by the current executive board.